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Financial translation services

Do you speak finance? Alpha, ABS, beta, UCITS, P/E ratio, SICAV, NAV... As a financial translator from English and French into Spanish since 2001, I speak the same language as you: the language of the markets. Entrust your financial documents to a professional multilingual communicator who works with the utmost respect for deadlines, professional confidentiality and terminological compliance with the original.


Legal translation services

Do you speak legal? Contracts, affidavits, statutes, case law, depositions, litigation, arbitration... As a seasoned legal translator from English and French into Spanish with a track record since 2001, I communicate in the language of the law. Trust your legal documents to a skilled multilingual professional who not only meets tight deadlines but also upholds strict standards of confidentiality and ensures terminological precision faithful to the original. Whether it’s intricate legal agreements, court documents or regulatory texts, your legal communication is in expert hands.


Machine translation post-editing (MTPE)

Does your company use a powerful machine translation system that produces translations of reasonable quality? I can take care of reviewing the target text by comparing it with the original, eliminating mistakes, refining the style, standardizing terminology, adjusting the tone as well as overseeing cohesion, coherence and appropriateness to polish and perfect the translation to meet the highest quality standards of your organization.

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